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Scheme approved by Council at 4 July 2016 Meeting
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Status:  Scheme approved by Council on 4th July 2016.  Tender completed. Construction due to commence on Monday 24th April 2017.  An information meeting will be held in St. Patrick's Parish Centre on Thursday 20th April between 6 - 8 p.m.  Officials will be available to answer queries.

The proposed traffic management phasing is attached.  Also attached is a list of frequently asked questions.

Phase 1 will involve the path works around the Church of Ireland and will require parking bays to be suspended.  Clifton Avenue is being made one-way from the commencement of the contract and parking will also be restricted on Clifton Avenue during the works.  Phase 1 is expected to run from April to June 2017.

An Improvement scheme has been developed for Monkstown Village which will improve road safety, traffic management and the public realm.

In summary, the scheme includes:

- Raised signalised and uncontrolled crossing points

- A raised area in the centre of the village

- Two way section in front of the church

- One way (and left only) in front of Goggins

- One way on Clifton Avenue (towards the sea)

- Build outs to slow vehicle turning movements

- Narrowing of the carriageway through the village

- Additional parking on Clifton Avenue

- Upgraded surfaces

- Landscaping

Information on the development of the scheme including public consultation is available here: https://dlrcoco.citizenspace.com/transportation/monkstown-village-traffi...