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The Smart Big Belly Bin system has been in operation in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown for three years.

520 old style litter bins were replaced with 420 large capacity smart bins. The smart bins are connected to the Clean software system which allows staff to remotely access data from the bins, such as when the bins require emptying or if there is a specific fault to report.

The implementation of the system has delivered efficiencies in the management of street waste – it has allowed for a reduction in the fleet required to service and empty the bins, and a reduction in the number of staff required to empty the bins, as the increased storage volume in the bins allows for less frequent emptying.

The cost of providing and maintaining each street bin is approximately €1,350 per annum, and so it is important to ensure that street bins are optimally situated around the county. The location of street bins throughout the county is reviewed twice a year. At street bin reviews, consideration is given to a number of factors. These include:
• Whether some bins are underused and could be more efficiently placed.
• Whether additional bins are required in areas considered to be litter black spots.
• Accessibility and mobility considerations, such as footpath width.
• Safe system of work - whether there is a safe place for council vehicle to pull in to safely empty the bin.
• Locations close to schools, shops and shopping areas are generally prioritised.
• Whether the risk of vandalism is high at certain locations.
• Whether there is a high risk of disposal of household waste in particular locations.
To subsidise the cost of provision of the street bin service, many of the street bins are also used as advertising hubs, so consideration must also be given to this aspect of the litter-bins when considering proposals to move or remove bins.
The Cleansing Section receives requests for new bins regularly.
These requests will be considered at each street bin review.
We receive a number of requests every year from members of the public, Elected Members and residents associations. At the street bin reviews all requests from the previous 6 months will be reviewed. If the proposed location for a new bin meets the requirements as set out above, the installation of a new bin in the most appropriate place near the proposed location will be considered.