Children around the world, together, experiencing the education of the future!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
dlr Lexicon
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Dun Laoghaire Lexicon Library played host to the Irish leg of the Annual Global Children’s Designathon. The one day event brings 300 children together, from 10 cities around the world  to design solutions that may one day save our planet.

‘Armed’ with good ideas, glue guns, mini-motors, led-lights, sensors and recycled materials, 32 Irish children designed and created prototypes to solve the major problems that they consider as most critical to our society. During the day the children communicate with the other cities sharing their ideas and demonstrating their creations using social media.

The event organiser Marie Lonergan from Designathon Works,  commented “ This is a unique event that taps into the creativity of children. And helps build global bridges by demonstrating that the problems we face are common with children from other countries and cultures”.

One participant, Lucy McCullagh (age 11) commented “ It was amazing, the buzz you got when you were making and sharing each others ideas. Seeing all the working robots at the end made me believe that we can make a difference ”