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CoCo Market Rents

Schedule of Market Rents

The Co Co Markets rental fee is split over 6 different categories to reflect different vendor categories. Charges apply monthly. 

Category Monthly Fee Per Market VAT Total
Cat 1 - Hot Food €260.00 €59.80 €319.80
Cat 2- Other Food €180.00 €41.40 €221.40
Cat 3- Food Producer €100.00 €23.00 €123.00
Cat 4- Non Food/ Craft        €80.00 €18.40 €98.40
Cat 5- Artist - hanging space only


 €6.90  €36.90
Cat 6 - Outdoor Games  €200.00  €46.00  €246.00

The reduced artist rate is only available in the Peoples Park as it relates to hanging space on the railings along The Metals. Artists are welcome to apply for a space in Marlay Park, however the craft rate will apply as it is a 3 x 3 metre pitch. 


Electricity Charges:

All vendors using electricity will be charged a per socket charge. If you do not use electricity there is no change to your rent.  

The fees are:

Category Cost per socket per month VAT Total
Cat 1 - Hot Food Electricity €40.00 €9.20    €49.20
Cat 2 - All others €30.00 €6.90 €36.90

This fee is per socket – so if you use 2 sockets you will be charged double. The charge is also per market – if you use one socket in the Peoples Park and one socket in Marlay Park you will be charged for 2 sockets.



Yes. We consider all applications received and often select products that have seasonal growing and seasonal selling periods, such as fresh fruits and berries in the summer months and Christmas themed products in the winter.

If you are a seasonal vendor please specify the month(s) your product is available under the Product Listing on the bottom of the first page of the application.

No. We do not provide any equipment. The market managers can advise you on the suitability of any umbrellas/gazebos for use in the market once you have been offered a space.

While applications are stored in order of the date received, spaces are not necessarily given to the next vendor on the list. When a vacancy arises in the market, the relevant market manager will go through every application on the waiting list and select the best product offering for the vacancy.

The market managers are guided by our selection criteria: -

Food criteria:

  •  Promotion of organic goods 
  • Promotion of sustainably grown goods  
  • Promotion of local growers 
  • Promotion of an ethnically diverse offering 

Non-Food criteria

  • Promotion of handmade crafts
  • Promotion of locally source crafts
  • Promotion of local artists
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly products
  •  Promotion of ethnically diverse goods

While this criteria is a guide for the market managers, new products that may not fit into the criteria may also be selected if it is felt the product offered will appeal to customers and will complement the existing products on sale from other vendors.

Business Initiative of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Please note – the better your application and the more information provided (including photos, product brochures, website details, etc.) the more likely your product will be selected over another application – this is your chance to promote your product!

Yes. Applications are valid for 12 months from the date received. After 12 months they are removed from the list. 

We encourage healthy competition in our markets so we can not guarantee you will be the only vendor selling a specific product; however, we endeavour not to have too many vendors selling any one product so every vendor will have a share of the custom.