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Friday, December 30, 2016
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Blackrock library’s first ever film club will show exclusive monthly screenings of arthouse and indie films, as well as classics of cinema, outstanding Irish movies, solid dramas, inventive animation, eye-opening documentaries, intelligent comedies, and cult film favourites. If that wasn’t enough, we will also have guest directors, and even some Irish premieres.

Apart from the films, this is a ‘club’ like no other. Structured like a traditional film club, every screening will open with an Introduction, and will be followed by an open discussion with the audience –a unique experience, which will expand our appreciation of every film (if you rather not talk at the discussion that’s fine, you can always listen!)

Films: 6pm *SHARP, doors open 5.45pm

Discussion: 7.30-7.50pm

Tickets €5, can be purchased in advance from Blackrock library, or on the door.

Please note, first come first served. 

View the Programme HERE


Season One: Jan-June 2017: 

Heroines, Heroes, Villains and Lost Souls  

Most heroes and heroines don’t wear capes and masks, and they don’t go about making eardrum-splintering noises. You find them in everyday places: getting the bus for college, standing by a fax machine, buying a paper in the shop, walking the dog. Sometimes they stare back at you when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning.

Villains are everywhere too –the scariest ones are familiar and friendly, or so confident and driven that it seems there must be a reason for their misdeeds. Is cruelty a vice? Can you learn to be good? And how about chancers, survivors, and odd-balls? Who should be celebrated, who forgiven? Who must be stopped right now at any cost?

Join us for six unforgettable screenings, questioning how history, the media, and our own expectations tell the difference between role-models, rascals, rejects, and raging lunatics.

Season One Programme, Intro, and Blurbs: Anne Legarreta ©2017 You are welcome to reproduce this material, but we request that you acknowledge the source.

* Important Notice:  Our schedule is subject to change due to availability from Film Distributors.

Thursday 12 January           (Carnegie Cinema Club Launch!)


Drama/Irish film, rating: 16            

Dir. Carmel Winters, 2010. Ireland, 86 min.

Cast: Aisling O’Sullivan, Stephen Moran, Eileen Walsh

Outstanding independent drama from Ireland. A vivid dissection of our villain-hungry media, a visually and narratively complex look at the context for abuse and neglect in society.


Thursday 9 February      

His Girl Friday

Classic/screwball comedy, rating: PG  

Dir. Howard Hawks, 1928. USA, 92 min.

Cast: Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy

A manic comedy about a hack journalist and her editor boss (and ‘ex’). One of the least romantic romance comedies ever made. And one of the funniest. 


Thursday 9 March  (Celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY on 8 March with film!)

■ Retrospective of short documentaries by Irish filmmaker Cara Holmes, rating: PG     

Queen of the Plough                                    

*Winner Best Short Documentary, Galway Film Festival 2015

Dir. Cara Holmes, 2015, Ireland, 12 min.

 Our Gemma

*‘Gaze Back’ Best Irish Shorts Selection at Gaze Film Festival 2016

Dirs. Cara Holmes and Paula Geraghty, 2015, Ireland, 12 min.

Drama Darlings

*Winner Best Documentary, Ablevision Ireland International Short Film Festival 2016

Dir. Cara Holmes, 2015, Ireland, 16 min.

+ two new short documentaries by Holmes, currently in production!

Award-winning documentaries by up-and-coming Irish filmmaker Cara Holmes. An exclusive retrospective at the Carnegie Cinema Club. 

We are delighted to announce that director Cara Holmes will attend the screening, and will be available for a Q & A after.


Thursday 13 April

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes

Presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Irland

Cult film/anti-adventure, rating: PG   

*note: tickets €3

Dir. Werner Herzog, 1972. West Germany, 93 min.

Cast: Klaus Kinski, Helena Rojo, Ruy Guerra del Negro

An electrifying study of power and madness. An anti-epic film about a charismatic and ruthless adventurer, blazing though the Amazon jungle in the 16th century. Based on a true story.

Note: the film will be shown in a newly restored version.


Thursday 11 May 2017    

The Painting (Le Tableau)                                                                                  

Animation/film about art, rating: PG                   

*Best Feature Film at the Festival of European Animated Feature Films 2013

Dir. Jean-Francois Laguinie, 2011. France & Belgium, 75 min.

Cast/Voices: Jessica Monceau, Adrien Larmande, Thierry Jahn                           

Stunningly original animation about a group of figures escaping a painting, in search of the artist who made them. Inspired by the work of Matisse and Bonnard.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the French Embassy of Ireland.


Thursday 8 June 2017  (Celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20 with the film club)

Le Havre

Issue based film/comedy drama, rating: PG              

*Winner FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Film Critics) at Cannes Film Festival

Dir. Aki Kaurismäki, 2011. Finland, France, Germany, 93 min.

Cast: André Wilms, Kati Outinen, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Blondin Miguel

An off-beat comedy drama by the genial Aki Kaurismäki, the specialist on socially engaged films populated by angelic eccentrics.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the French Embassy of Ireland.