Assistant Engineer (Comp ID:010408)


  • Supervise, control and carry out engineering/ancillary services to include the preparation and management of work programmes.
  • Identify infrastructural needs and oversee the design and delivery of infrastructural projects including the procurement and management of consultants and contractors using current best practice project management, contract management and financial management procedures.
  • When required to do so, to manage and supervise staff, as the position demands.
  • Manage budgets as effectively and efficiently as possible, in respect of capital works and service delivery.
  • Fulfil the duties required by the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations, 2013, including ensuring, on behalf of the Employer, that the duties of the PSCS, PSDP, Designer and Contractor are implemented across the project.
  • Deal with representations from elected members and community organisations.
  • Represent the County Council at meetings with elected members, community/general interest groups, businesses and residents.
  • Prepare reports for meetings, as required.
  • Liaise with other local authorities, government departments and statutory agencies.
  • Work with senior management in devising and implementing strategies leading to improved efficiencies in delivery of services.

Qualifications & Particulars

Assistant Engineer 010408 Quals & Particulars- Updated Pay Scales.pdf
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Apply for vacancy
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Job Details

Contract Type:
Salary Range:
€43,728 - €68,246
Closing Date:
December 28th, 12pm

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