Housing Provision - Tenants

What proof of ownership do landlords need to supply?

In order for a HAP payment to be paid into a landlords bank account. HAP need to ensure the landlord receiving the payment is in fact the owner of the property being rented.

There are a number of ways to prove ownership of a property. Listed below are the documents we are allowed to accept as proof of ownership.

  • Title deed or similar legal instrument proving ownership of the property
  • Current registration letter from the RTB showing the landlords name and the property address.
  • Insurance policy/schedule for the property. (Must be current and in date. We can not accept renewal notices)
  • Mortgage Statement dated within the last 12 months indicating landlord as the owner of the property and indicating the property being rented is in fact the same property on the mortgage statement.

Landlords need only provide one of the documents listed above as proof of ownership.

From our experience we have found landlords tend to find the RTB letter or insurance schedule as the easiest to attain

What size of property can I rent on the HAP Scheme?

The property size in which HAP will pay rent to your landlord (on your behalf) depends soley on your current housing need.


If your current housing need is for a one bedroom property. HAP will only pay rent to your landlord if the property you have found is a one bedroom property.

HAP will not pay rent to a landlord of a three bedroom property on your behalf if your current housing need is for a one bedroom property

If you are unsure about your current housing need, you can contact our Allocations Department on 01 2054828