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We have been given a target of 1563 social housing units over the next four years.

This 2021 target excludes RAS and HAP. It also excludes re-let figures which average an additional 150 allocations per year. 

We are currently active on eight social housing sites across the County. Many of the sites we have developed to date are small sites ranging from two to fifty homes. We are now moving into developing larger sites that will help to address some of the affordability issues in the area. We are currently prioritising key sites such as St Laurence's Park and Shanganagh Castle.

During the period 2015-2017 we successfully delivered a total of 933 homes. We also opened two new family hubs to support families who are homeless in the dlr area. Read more here.

Details of Estimated Delivery of Housing Delivery  and Hap & Ras  units up to the end of 2021 can be found in Related Documents..



The number of households who were on our social housing list at the end of each year were as follows:

2018 - 4524

2017 - 4,749

2016 - 4,991

2015 - 5,687

2014 - 5,207