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Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process


If you are suffering financial difficulties which are affecting your ability to repay your mortgage or if you know that a change in personal circumstances will impact on your future ability to make repayments, you should contact the Housing Department without delay.

It is imperative that you discuss the situation with DLRCC at the earliest opportunity and co-operate fully with the Council as failure to do so may result in legal action for re-possession of your property and legal costs associated with this which can be quite considerable.

Please see the link below for further information on dlr's mortgage arrears policy: 

House Purchase Loans




  • Some older accounts that use a payment card can pay in the post office or make a payment in shops using the “Post Point” sign
  • By standing order through the bank
  • Using online banking
  • By cheque made payable to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Your payment should come into your mortgage account on the 1st day of every month.

You can write to the Housing Loans Section requesting a redemption quotation.  A written quotation will be posted out to you.

You can ring any member of the Housing Revenue Loans section on 01 2054836.

You can ring any member of the Housing Revenue Loans section on 01 2054836.

An annual statement is issued every year or you can get a statement showing these details by ringing the Loan Accounts section at 01 2054836.

Yes, you can make a lump sum payment off your mortgage.  You should send your request in writing together with your payment to the Housing Revenue Loans Section.

Mortgage Protection Insurance covers the borrower in the case of incapacity up to age 65 and in the case of death up to age 75.  It does not cover redundancy or unemployment.  If you need further information please contact 01 2054836 .

Please contact Housing Loans Section, on 01 2054836.

You can talk to our dedicated Arrears Support Office by phone 01 2054836 or email housing@dlrcoco.ie or you can contact any member of the Housing Loans Section.

The Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) was introduced to Local Authorities in October 2012 to help borrowers who are In arrears.

Yes. Every borrower’s case is treated confidentially.