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CoCo Market Rents

Schedule of Market Rents

The Co Co Markets rental fee is split over 6 different categories to reflect different vendor categories. Charges apply monthly. 

Category Monthly Fee Per Market VAT Total
Cat 1 - Hot Food €260.00 €59.80 €319.80
Cat 2- Other Food €180.00 €41.40 €221.40
Cat 3- Food Producer €100.00 €23.00 €123.00
Cat 4- Non Food/ Craft        €80.00 €18.40 €98.40
Cat 5- Artist - hanging space only


 €6.90  €36.90
Cat 6 - Outdoor Games  €200.00  €46.00  €246.00

The reduced artist rate is only available in the Peoples Park as it relates to hanging space on the railings along The Metals. Artists are welcome to apply for a space in Marlay Park, however the craft rate will apply as it is a 3 x 3 metre pitch. 


Electricity Charges:

All vendors using electricity will be charged a per socket charge. If you do not use electricity there is no change to your rent.  

The fees are:

Category Cost per socket per month VAT Total
Cat 1 - Hot Food Electricity €40.00 €9.20    €49.20
Cat 2 - All others €30.00 €6.90 €36.90

This fee is per socket – so if you use 2 sockets you will be charged double. The charge is also per market – if you use one socket in the Peoples Park and one socket in Marlay Park you will be charged for 2 sockets.