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Status: Construction (Phase 1) & Detail Design (Phase 2)


Phase 1 works are completed and the park is now open to the public.  These works included the design and development of a bioswale, wildflower meadow, a new perimeter path, the regrading and improved drainage of the field, native hedge boundary planting and the planting of over 70 specimen and native trees.  In collaboration with local residents and school children, a new apple orchard was planted which forms part of the community gardens proposed for the park.  

Phase 2 is at detailed design.  Additional proposed developments consist of a sports pavilion, seating, boules, play and callisthenic exercise equipment, sensory garden and landscaping.  Works on the play and callisthenic areas are due for completion in Summer 2019.  The playing fields are currently undergoing sustainable grass management and will not be ready for play until 2020 at the earliest.