Humans of Dublin by Peter Varga comes to dlr LexIcon

Thursday, January 11, 2018
dlr County
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We are delighted to announce that an exhibition of 60 photos by Peter Varga from his acclaimed Humans of Dublin series will run from 8th January – 31 March 2018 at the LexIcon.

Peter Varga was working in a Dublin café when he decided to follow his passion and dedicate himself to photography. Inspired by the success of the Humans of New York project, he began to walk the streets of Dublin interviewing and photographing those he met along the way. What he uncovered were the powerful stories that hide in plain sight as we rush about our busy lives, too busy to notice. So began the social media phenomenon that is Humans of Dublin whose social media pages have over 175,000 followers. There are tales of inspiration and joy and those of heartbreak and loss, all of human life is present in this remarkable portrait of a diverse and vibrant city.

So, during the next 3 months at the LexIcon, whether we mark First Fortnight - Ireland’s mental health Arts Festival, or the Cities and Stories strand of this year’s Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival in March, this important exhibition will, to quote Varga, ‘help you to enjoy discovering more about the ordinary extraordinary people who pass you by every day’.