Carysfort Avenue Mobility Interventions

Aligns with recently announce Active School Travel Initiative


Completion by end of August in time for return of schools


What is proposed? A two-way cycle facility on the west side of Carysfort Avenue from its junction with Stillorgan Park Road to Convent Road.

What will it look like? It is being constructed in a similar manner to the Coastal Mobility Route which runs from Blackrock to Sandycove. It will have edge protection in the form of a kerb and be surfaced with buff anti-skid material.

How long will it take? It is planned that the route will be functional in advance of the reopening of schools. The buff surfacing may not be completely installed in this time frame but this does not impact on the space that is being made available.

When will it commence? Works will be due to commence on Monday, 10th August.

What is the sequence of works? Firstly, the centre line of the road will be moved to accommodate the new lane widths. The new centre line will be installed and kerb at the edge of the cycle track. These works will be carried out in 100-200m sections and will start on the southern end and move north.

What is the benefit of two way on one side? Most of the destination points along the road are on the west side of the road – for example Carysfort National School and Carysfort Park. Two way on this side provides a safe and attractive route on the same side of the road where cyclists of all abilities can move up and down the road in this new dedicated facility. Two way also provides a larger facility that is more suitable for less confident cyclists.

Are bus stops affected? Bus stops are being moved out to the edge of the cycle track. This is being done to ensure the bus stops along Carysfort Avenue remain accessible. The existing bus stops will remain in their current location until the contractor is ready to build them out.

Why doesn’t it go to Frascati Road? At this stage, the priority was to provide a route up to the Carysfort National School. From Convent Road there are existing options along quieter streets such as George’s Avenue that will connect to Blackrock Village. If there is demand for these works to be extended directly to Frascati Road in the future it can be considered.

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