Waste Facility Permits

A local authority may issue Waste Facility Permits and Certificates of Registration for a variety of small-scale waste management activities, including civic waste facilities, waste transfer stations and waste recovery facilities, land reclamation and raising and other inert waste recovery sites, composting and land spreading, vehicle dismantling sites and scrap metal processors. Larger facilities are subject to licensing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The appropriate fee for individual Permit applications is detailed in Schedule 5 of the attached Waste Facility Permit Regulations 2007  and the Waste Facility Permit Regulations (Amendment) 2008

Local Authorities Waste Facilities Register

The Waste Facility Permit and the Certificate of Registration Database is a central register hosted by the National Waste Collection Permit Office in Offialy (NWCPO) for Waste Facility Permits and Certificates of Registration. The Local Authority Waste Facilities Register is available at http://facilityregister.nwcpo.ie/.

Notices of Waste Collection Permit Applications

The 2016 Waste Collection Permit Regulations made provision for the National Waste Collection Permits Office ( NWCPO) to publish notices of waste collection permit applications on its website as an alternative to a newspaper notice. These notices are available here



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