DLR Cemeteries - Improving the Landscape

Changes to Landscape Management of Certain Areas

DLR will be making some positive changes to the landscape management of Deansgrange Cemetery in 2019. Looking at the landscape of Deansgrange Cemetery, it is our view that this landscape can be managed better, reducing chemical use while encouraging some areas of wildflower meadows to flourish and to carry out some tree planting. Weed control will still continue but in a more carefully managed and thoughtful way. 


At the heart of this project is a desire to see this valued landscape at Deansgrange Cemetery enhanced by changing the current landscape management of some areas to provide areas for nature and to promote health and wellbeing for the community that visit here.  To make the cemetery the central setting not only for expressions of grief, but also a landscape which allows for remembrance and healing and creating a place for people to take a quiet walk in pleasant surroundings with wildflower meadows and trees.


This will also help and support biodiversity and we hope to bring back the butterflies among the flowers and the birds in the meadow, all part of the calming effects of nature.


For example, the verge at the Tranquil Tea Rooms will be the main area for change this year and the verge will be planted with native Irish wildlflowers along the treeline by our Cemetaries and Parks Staff. Older burial plots that are tended by and maintained by Cemeteries Staff, where appropriate will also be planted in future.


See photos of the first year of wildflowers on the verge at the Tranquil Tea Rooms below.

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