Admiral Beaufort Letter

Transcript of the Admiral Beaufort Letter from the National Archive

“The three points mentioned in this letter. 1. the uncertainty of position during the eclipse of the revolving light on the East Pier Head. 2. the necessity of a red or other distinguishing light on the West Pier Head. and 3. the unfinished state of the Stone Quay are all matters of very serious importance to the Liverpool Packets in dark nights and with easterly winds, and would no doubt be immediately and easily rectified by the Commissioners of Kingstown Harbour upon the recommendation of their Lordships. It would be desirable to shorten the revolution of the Eastern Pier light which now occupy a whole minute, so as to give it more the appearance of a flashing, than of a slow-revolving light.”

(Signed) F. Beaufort
26 Dec 1840

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