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Living Streets Blackrock Village is a public realm improvement project which aims to enhance the attractiveness, liveability, connectivity, and economic vibrancy of Blackrock Village. Building on the temporary measures implemented during the COVID restrictions of summer 2020 on Blackrock Main Street, the plan will move the village from a temporary layout to a high-quality permanent design. The scheme is informed by consultation with local representative businesses and resident groups and independent evaluation of the temporary measures by TU Dublin. It is also consistent with the Blackrock Local Area Plan (LAP) developed in 2015, which was informed by extensive public consultation.

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The scheme will replace existing finishes with high-quality permanent materials to create a consistent look and feel to the village. This landscape upgrade will provide better seating, footpaths, and planting. The scheme will make it easier and safer to walk and cycle to and within the village with extended pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and enhanced connectivity between Blackrock Main Street, the seafront, and its surrounding areas. It complements specific objectives in the Blackrock LAP in relation to future public realm improvements on the seafront.

The existing Main Street public realm measures, introduced in 2020, include the one-way traffic system, contraflow cycle lane, wider pavements, seating, and planters. These measures were developed in response to proposals from local groups including Blackrock Business Network (BBN) and Blackrock Village Rejuvenation Action Group (BVRAG). Subsequent surveys have shown high levels of support for these temporary measures, with a significant majority of local residents expressing a wish to make these changes permanent. A majority of local businesses have also expressed support for the measures, with some seeking certain design improvements. Dún Laoghaire County Council has engaged with businesses and community groups within the village to create a scheme that best reflects their needs and aspirations, particularly exploring details concerning the design and location of planting and seating features, loading bays, bike racks, car parking spaces, and traffic flow.


Summary of key elements of the scheme:

1. Public Realm Improvements: Better landscaping, planting, and seating throughout the town to create a safe, accessible and attractive environment and to maintain the economic vibrancy of the town.

2. Easier To Cycle
a. New finish for existing bike lanes in the village.
b. Contra-flow bike lane outside the library to connect with the existing bike lane on Maretimo Villas. This will create an uninterrupted bike lane between Blackrock Village and the Coastal Mobility Route.

3. Improved Walkability and Accessibility: Accessible urban environment improved pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, increased footpath widths and quality.

4. Connected Spaces: Better connections with the seafront, and connected bike lanes.

5. Parking Provisions: Increase in disabled parking spaces (+1), number of loading bays remains the same, minimal impact on car parking spaces (82 currently, 77 proposed for this scheme).

This consultation closed on Saturday, 10th June 2023. Click to read the detailed scheme designs and reports.  

Living Streets Blackrock Summary Report
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