With less bustle and noise around us we can hear the birds singing, see them flitting here and there gathering food in the winter or collecting the materials for their nests such as moss, fluff and twigs in spring. So let’s see if you can tell what birds you see in your garden, in your park, in the school yard, the playground or along a river or the coast.

Then with the help from the RSPB who have a great interactive guide to birds. Once you’ve identified your bird, the website also allows you to listen to its song, helping you to further improve your identification skills. 

Why not play bird bingo?

For a fun game, simply draw a 3×3 grid on a piece of paper and write the name of a common birds in each square or use the one we have created for you in the documents below along with a Birdwatch Ireland Bird Guide. Put a cross in the square when you spot the bird – the winner is the first to cross off all nine squares.

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