It is only under certain circumstances that exhumations occur in Ireland. Some examples of situations where an exhumation of interred remains from a cemetery might be required or take place include;


  • For family reasons (i.e. if the family of the deceased person requests that the remains be moved to another burial ground, another part of the country, abroad, etc.)
  • For public health reasons (i.e. if a graveyard or cemetery is being moved)
  • When a court orders an exhumation as part of a criminal investigation.


At all times during the process, due regard for respect to the deceased person, other interred remains in the burial ground/graveyard and privacy of the family and friends of the deceased person is protected. Further information


If you wish to request an exhumation you should contact the office in writing and your request will be dealt with from there. There is no set fee in relation to exhumations.

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