Otranto Seaside Gardens

Status: Complete

This project was undertaken in 2018 through a combination of contracts and direct labour and included a substantial upgrade of the existing green space at Otranto Place, Sandycove to create a public park that is comfortable, safe, accessible and enjoyable.


The old complex path system has been removed and replaced with a more simplistic and functional path system. The old planting and mounding that blocked the views into the park have been removed to increase the passive supervision and use of the space. A central elevated paved area with extensive seating allows visitors to enjoy the views over Dublin Bay. Access to the seafront and the old red brick building has been greatly improved through a series of accessible steps and ramps. Salt tolerant and exotic maritime plants have been used throughout to allow for the sustainable management of the park. Materials used are high quality and durable and relate to the larger upgrade of the seafront in Dún Laoghaire and Sandycove which provides uniformity and improves wayfinding. Recycled and sustainably sourced materials have also been used throughout.


Final planting works were undertaken during the 2018-19 planting season, including a small selection of suitable, coastal trees and naturalised bulbs in the grass lawns.


These upgrade works have led to a safer, more accessible and inclusive public park for the citizens of Sandycove and Glasthule and the wider users of the seafront.

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