Environment and Climate Action Grant 2024

Round 2 of the dlr Grants Scheme 2024 is now open until Thursday, March 28th.
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The Environment and Climate Action Grant supports residents' associations, tidy district and tidy town groups who work to enhance and improve their local public areas. 


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FAQs for the Environment and Climate Action Grant can be found below.


The purpose of the Environment and Climate Action Grant is to support residents’ associations, tidy district, and tidy town groups to enhance and improve their local public areas.

Under the 2024 grant scheme, applications are invited for any of the following projects:

  1. purchase of plants or trees for public areas,
  2. purchase of estate name stones,
  3. hosting of local environmental talks, workshops or local environmental / climate action campaigns (e.g. anti-litter or waste prevention campaigns),
  4. purchase of minor non-mechanised equipment to assist with a planting project (e.g. spade, trowel, gloves),
  5. A combination of the above.

Residents’ associations, tidy towns, and tidy district groups within dlr are welcome to apply. The group must operate on a not-for-profit basis and the application must demonstrate an environmental benefit to the local community.

The maximum Environment and Climate Action Grant available under the 2024 scheme is €800.

No, the Environment and Climate Action Grant can only fund up to 70% of eligible project costs. The group must be able to fund the remaining 30% of project costs.

Yes, for any project on a public green space applicants will be asked to show that they have already spoken with our Parks Section and have already received written approval.

If your project if near a roadway (e.g. planter boxes on a path, names stones, hanging baskets near a junction) we ask that you speak with the Traffic Section and gain their written approval for the project before applying for funding.

Please email info@dlrcoco.ie to contact our Parks Section or Traffic Sections.

Yes, a group can apply for several dlr grants under different categories. For example, a group may wish to apply for a Community Grant and a Heritage Grant. Each application must relate to a different project or initiative.

Applicants will receive an email with the result of their application for an Environment and Climate Action Grant following the May Council meeting.

Funding is provided in full and up-front. It will be paid by bank transfer, directly to the group’s bank account. We may ask successful applicants to return a bank set-up form, to enable us to process the bank transfer.

Yes, applicants must submit a copy of all receipts that show exactly how the funding was spent.

Failure to supply evidence of expenditure will affect future funding decisions. The receipts must be accompanied with completion form. Photos showing the results of the project may also be submitted. A completion report and receipt will be required by December 31st, 2024.

Yes, all successful applicants are required to acknowledge the financial assistance of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and include dlr grant funding logo on all printed material and graphics. The logo can be provided to all successful applicants.

More information on dlr Grants 2024 is available here.

General grant queries can be emailed to to grants@dlrcoco.ie.

Queries on the Environment and Climate Action Grant can be emailed to our Environmental Awareness Section at envaware@dlrcoco.ie.

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