Water Pollution

The protection of the environment is a major priority of the Council and every effort is made to ensure that rivers, lakes and tidal streams are kept pollution free. Persons discharging trade or sewage effluent to rivers, lakes, streams, tidal waters etc must do so under Licence from Irish Water


A Licence is necessary for trade discharges (other than domestic or storm water) to sewers. Application must be made to Irish Water for this trade discharge. Application Forms can be requested at https://www.water.ie/business/trade-effluent/apply-for-licence/ or alternatively Telephone: 1890 278 278.

The Council has an ongoing sampling and monitoring programme in place for these Licences. Water Pollution matters, generally, are administered by the Water Pollution Inspector. 

The Water Pollution Section is located at our Ballyogan Depot and can be contacted on 01-2904800


Inspections are also carried out on premises where food preparation takes place i.e. hotels, restaurants, bars etc as this process generates large quanitites of oils grease and fats. All such food premises are required to have grease management systems in place. Problems are also experienced with the discharge of fats, oils & greases from private households. Application forms for FOG can be requested at www.water.ie or alternatively Telephone: 1890 278 278.


The Council carries out inspections of domestic drainage systems to ensure that waste water systems have not been misconnected to surface water drainage systems. Where drainage systems are found to be misconnected, the owners of the properties involved are required under the Water Pollution Act to remedy the misconnection.

Particular attention should be paid by householders, when constructing house extensions that all new applications such as sinks, dishwashers, washing machines etc are connected to the foul water drainage system.


For information on the Protection of Drinking Water from Pesticides, please see Related Content. 

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