dlr Sports Facilities Strategy

Our vision is to provide facilities for sport and physical activity that are well maintained, sufficient in number and accessible to as many local people as possible.
Our primary focus is to provide facilities that will enable participation by as wide a cross section of the population across a diverse range of sports. We will do this through relationships and interactions with local sporting clubs, regional and national sporting organisations, schools, community groups and dlr Leisure.
Our Sports Facilities Strategy provides a framework for how the development of sporting facilities across the County can be managed to best effect.

2018: Within the first year after its adoption there should be a clearly established method of optimising the current use of facilities which the Council provides to clubs and through partnerships with Dlr Leisure and schools.  This will primarily be driven by adoption and use of an online booking system.

2019: Within two years there should be acceptance of the criteria against which improvements to existing facilities and the building of new facilities will be communicated, judged and determined.  A mid-term review of the strategy and its actions will be conducted and presented to the Council.

2020: Within three years there should be the first realisation of improved facilities arising from a new collaborative approach to their provision to sporting clubs and groups. This will likely be through work on one or more of the Campus facilities identified in the conclusion of this strategy.

2022: Within five years there should be a fully functioning system for the management and maintenance of the best local authority provision of facilities to enable sport across the County.

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