Naming and Numbering

While the responsibility for proposing naming and numbering schemes for new developments rests with the developer, the Council will advise developers of the requirements and approves the eventual scheme name. The use of the Irish language exclusively is encouraged.


Guidelines for Naming and Numbering:


  • Overall name for development should reflect historical, topographical, architectural features of locality:
    A development must reflect the local and/or historical context of the area in which it is located. This should be done in a manner that is not overly obscure or difficult to relate to. This can be achieved by reference to local history; the townland, parish or other long-established name, past industry or employment in the area, local topography, or a well-known association of a significant historical individual, event or custom from the local area. In this way the naming of new developments can contribute to or help maintain a sense of identity for the area in which it is located. 
  • Duplication with existing names in County or Greater Dublin Area should be avoided. This is in the interests of owners, occupiers, visitors, service and utility providers and for rapid emergency service provision. 
  • ​A single name should be selected for each street/apartment block where appropriate.


Once the name has been decided upon the following should also be observed:


  • Streets to be so numbered that when travelling away from a local centre or focal point the odd numbers are on left hand side and even numbers are on the right (standard housing)
  • In the case of apartment blocks block name and numbers should be clear.
  • Numbers should be clearly visible from road/footpath.
  • Name plates should be to Council standard and visible to all road users.
  • Name plates should be in both Irish and English. 
  • Both Irish and English name plates should be of the same size. Capital letters to be used and the font to be the same for both.

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