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Any particular queries or comments in relation to cycling in Dún Laoghaire should be emailed to:

Any cycle route surface defects or potholes should be referred to the Road Maintenance Sectionwith the location clearly identified


Our Vision is to cultivate a cycling culture, through the implementation of appropriate infrastructure and promotional measures, which positively encourages all members of the community to cycle at all life stages and abilities as a mode of sustainable transport that delivers environmental, health and economic benefits to both the individual and the community.

To help meet the target set in Ireland’s first National Cycle Policy Framework launched in April 2009 that 10% of all journeys will be by bike by 2020, we intend to do the following:
  • Improve cycling conditions on primary cycle routes in the County as per the County Cycle Network;
  • Develop new cycle route/ greenways through parks and open spaces;
  • Improve connectivity/permeability from cycle routes to key destinations
  • Provide 30kph zones within residential areas and other suitable locations;
  • Provide new secure cycle parking;
  • Continue cycle training in schools;
  • Ensure that cycling is a key element of all development; and
  • Monitor trends in cycle number using cycle counter data.

Our Cycling Policy outlines the various objectives and actions to be carried out in line with the 19 specific objectives in the National Cycle Policy Framework.


GIS Cycle Map and leaflets

Cycling is an ideal way to discover dlr. There are about 250km on-road and off-road cycle routes in the County with dedicated cycle routes through most of the main parks.

A GIS Cycle Map has been developed that shows the following:

  • Main cycle routes in the County - on-road and off-road (Red);
  • Traffic-free cycle routes/Greenway, including routes through parks (Green);
  • Routes on quieter low traffic roads, mainly residential, suitable for cyclists who prefer to avoid main roads (Orange); and
  • Locations of bike shops.

The map can be accessed HERE

A Cycle Parking GIS map can be accessed here

A double sided County Cycle Network Map and Cycle Greenway leaflets are also available as foldable maps and as a pdf - see the links below

Cycling Policy - Click here
Cycling Policy
dlr Cycling Policy
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Cycle Network Report - October 2012
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Cycle Route Mapping Click here
Cycle Leaflets Click here
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Loughlinstown to Deansgrange Greenway
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