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This is a package of measures put in place by an organisation to encourage and support more sustainable travel patterns among staff and visitors to manage and reduce the demand for car use.

A successful Travel Plan addresses environmental and health issues and provides increased travel choices for staff and visitors.

Promoting walking, cycling, public transport and responsible car use, can be good for business and can be achieved by developing a workplace travel plan (also called a Mobility Management Plan).

In order to achieve the benefits of sustainable traffic planning we are also doing the following:

  • Increasing the number of dedicated cycle tracks leading to Dún Laoghaire over the coming years.
  • Providing work-share schemes, flexable working hours, the travel pass scheme, the cycle to work scheme and business travel allowances.
  • Introducing a car sharing scheme for staff using a dedicated website.
  • Improving the environmental efficiency of fleet vehicles.
  • Integrating sustainable travel initiatives into Council policies and practices.
  • Including sustainable travel initiatives as part of the Development Management Process.


The Benefits

A Travel plan offers a number of benefits to employers, staff and the local community:

Employer Benefits:

  • Healthier less stressed workforce and reduced sick leave
  • More motivated and productive workforce
  • Improved travel choices for staff
  • Reduced costs and demand on car parking

Employee Benefits:

  • More travel choices and cheaper travel
  • Better cycling facilities
  • Healthier lifestyle and less stress
  • More flexible work practices

Community Benefits:

  • Reduced travel congestion
  • Improved air quality
  • More information of travel choices
  • Improved journey times
  • More cycle parking

For more detailed information on travel planning view the National Transport Authority  web pages, or for a broader view  the U.K.'s Department of Transport's website.

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