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Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Parking Services


Postal address:
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council,
P.O. Box 9965,
Dublin 2.

Phone: (01) 5425660
Monday - Saturday 06.00am to 02.00am
Sunday 07.00am to 10.00pm.


DLR Parking Services administer parking enforcement in the Council's administrative area and appeals regarding Fixed Charge Offences are dealt with through them. If the registered owner, or their nominated driver, wish to appeal the Fixed Charge Offence, they should submit an appeal on-line or in writing to DLR Parking Services during the stated statutory 56 day payment period, stating the reasons for the appeal, the vehicle registration and Fixed Charge Offence reference number. [The Fixed Charge Offence reference number is a nine digit number commencing with the letters DLR on the notice.]

The contact details for DLR Parking Services are:

Appeals can be made:

a) submitted to DLR Parking Services on their website


b) formally in writing to:

Dún Laoghaire Parking Services, P.O. Box 9965, Dublin 2

Phone: (01) 5425660 Monday - Saturday 06.00am to 02.00am, Sundays 07.00am to 10.00pm.

On receipt of an appeal by DLR Parking Services the payment time frame, and the application of a legal administration charge, is put on hold until a decision is made. The appellant will be notified in writing by DLR Parking Services of the outcome of their appeal.

If the appellant is not satisfied with the decision made in relation to their appeal they should contact DLR Parking Services. They will be advised that they may re-appeal in writing during the statutory 56 day payment period to the Independent Appeals Officer, c/o P.O. Box 9965, Dublin 2, stating the reasons for the re-appeal, why they feel the Fixed Charge Offence should not have been issued and other relevant information for re-examination of the appeal.

If the appeal is rejected by the Independent Appeals Officer, the Fixed Charge Offence must then be paid to avoid court proceedings being initiated.

If a Fixed Charge Offence is not paid within 28 days, or an appeal is not lodged during this 28 day period, beginning on date of issue of the notice, the Fixed Charge Offence amount increases by 50%. If a Fixed Charge Offence remains unpaid after a 56 day period, or an appeal is not lodged during this 56 day period, a legal administration charge is applied.


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