Water the Trees

For the first three years, newly planted trees need a little extra care and attention to help them get established. The most critical element is to keep them well watered while they adjust to their new surroundings.

We will water all new trees regularly but need your help. If you notice a new tree on your street, you can do your bit. It doesn't matter whether you have a watering can or even just the washing-up bowl.
In return, the trees will provide a host of environmental benefits; clean air to breathe and homes for birds and small wildlife. It will help to cool the streets, combating the negative effects of climate change for future generations.

Watering guide for newly planted trees:

Year 1:
Water from the start of April through to the end of September.
Once a week. Twice or more if very hot or dry.

Year 2:
During April and September only water if very dry.
From May through to August – water once a fortnight.

Year 3:
During April May and September only if very dry.
From June through to August once a month should be enough.

Further Tips:


  • One big drink a week is best, but more often is fine during very hot weather
  • Ideally, try to give at least 20 litres per watering – although anything you can manage is great
  • Tap water, rainwater or even dishwater is fine. Please make sure no chemicals stronger than washing-up liquid are in the mix and no food is thrown out with the dishwater.
  • If there's a green watering bag, fill it through the slot at the top (possibly hidden under the label). If it's easier, just slowly pour the water over the roots, letting the water soak deep into the soil
  • Ask your neighbours to get involved, especially if you’re planning on going on holiday over the summer
  • No need to water when the ground is wet and soggy.
  • If you use a hosepipe, do so safely – don't leave it unattended or trail it across the road
  • The best time to water is either in the morning or at night. Try to avoid the hottest part of the day, although water anytime is better than no water at all

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