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What is a Large-scale Residential Development (LRD)?

‘Large-scale Residential Development’ or LRD applications are applications made to local authority for;

  • the development of 100 or more houses,
  • the development of student accommodation that includes 200 or more bed spaces,
  • Mixed developments combining housing and student accommodation to be classified as an LRD where the threshold is met for either element.
  • LRD are not applicable to Strategic Development Zones.

The new LRD process comprises of three stages:

  1. Pre-application S247consultation stage
  2. LRD meeting and Opinion issued
  3. Planning application stage and appeal stage

Applicants create their own account and submit all documentation online.

Apply here

1. Pre-application S247 consultation stage:

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council are required to schedule a meeting with the applicant within 4 weeks from receipt of the pre-application consultation request. A pre-application consultation can only be arranged with a person with sufficient legal interest in the land concerned and only with respect to a specific development proposal.

The application form below is to be submitted through the online portal.

2. LRD meeting and Opinion issued

The applicant after completing the S247 consultation stage can request an LRD meeting with that planning authority applicable accordance with section 32(B) of Planning and Development (Amendment) (Large-scale Residential Development) Act 2021.

What’s needed?

  • Application form and relevant documents to be submitted through the online portal.
  • LRD Application Form
  • Fee of €1,500 submitted through the online portal.
  • Documents to be uploaded Upload Form Here
  • A meeting is arranged within 4 weeks of the application and an Opinion document is issued within 4 weeks of the meeting by the planning authority. This LRD Opinion is valid for 6 months.


3. Planning application stage

The LRD planning application along with must be submitted within 6 months of the Opinion being issued. Planning Application for an LRD should be made on the Council’s Planning Application Form, accompanied with all documents on the planning checklist and by an additional ‘Form 19’.(Form to be included with an application for permission for a Large-scale Residential Development).

Form 19

Planning application Form

Planning checklist

Once an LRD planning application is submitted to the planning authority, members of the public, prescribed bodies and elected local authority members will be able to make submissions on a proposed development to the planning authority in the same manner as currently applies in respect of standard section 34 planning applications submitted to the planning authority.

LRD suggested documents
LRD suggested documents
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Other file
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Other file
Planning Application Checklist
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Other file
OPR PL 16 - Guide to Large-scale Residential Development
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PDF Document
Form 19 LRD
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PDF Document

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