Derelict Sites

What is the definition of a Derelict Site?

A Derelict Site - means any property/land which detracts, or is likely to detract, to a material degree from the amenity, character or appearance of land in the neighbourhood in question because of neglected or unsightly condition.

Are the Council responsible for Derelict Sites?

Under the Derelict Sites Act 1990 the Council is obliged to issue a notice on the owners of the site/property to remedy the site/property non-derelict. 

How should I report a Derelict Site?  

Reports should be made in writing with a map outlining the area/property, (complainant details are confidential). Report a derelict site to

What are the steps to putting a site on the Derelict Sites Register?

1.      A complaint is received in writing;
2.      An inspection is carried out to ascertain the situation on site;
3.      If not derelict, file is closed and complainant is informed;
4.      If derelict, a notice is served to  carry out specific works within a timeframe;
5.      A second inspection will be carried out to see if works have been completed by owner/s;
6.      If works are complete, file is closed, complainant is informed;
7.      If works are not completed and if no improvements are made, the property is placed on the Derelict Sites Register;
8.      Levies and Interest are applied annually to derelict sites.

What is the difference between a Derelict Site and a Dangerous Building?  

A Derelict Site is unsightly whereas a Dangerous Building may pose a danger to the general public.
To report a dangerous buildings/structures please contact our Architects Department.

Can anyone view the Derelict Sites Register?  

Yes, the public can download and view the Derelict Sites Register in the Related Documents above.

Reporting Litter and Rodent Issues



Litter to the front or back of the house 

DLR Litter & Waste Enforcement Section 

01 2054700 or 1800 403 503 

Rodent issue on Private Property  HSE Pest Control at or 1800 211 774.
Rodent issue on Council owned land  DLR Property Management Section
01-205 4397



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