Tenant (Incremental ) Purchase Scheme 2016 & Fee Simple (Ground Rent)

Sales Scheme Section,

Housing Department

Ph: 01 205 4717 or 01 205 4845

email: tenantpurchase@dlrcoco.ie

As an existing tenant, you may be able to buy your home from us if you meet the criteria.

To find out if you qualify please read the documents/FAQs listed below under Related Documents: Eligibility criteria, Tenant Information Handbook issued by the Housing Agency and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

New changes to the Incremental Tenant Purchase Scheme (2016) were introduced from 29th January 2024.  The income limit was reduced from €12,500 to €11,000. The period of time tenants will be required to be in receipt of Social Housing Supports remains at ten. However, in the case of a joint tenancy, only one person is required to have been in receipt of Social Housing Supports. 

The application form must be completed and returned along with the relevant documentation including approval in principal  to:

Sales Scheme Section, Housing Department, Level 2, County Hall, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Marine Road, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

We cannot accept incomplete application forms. 

For any queries regarding the following, please contact us at 01 205 4845 or 01 205 4717:

• Consent to Sale
• Re-Mortgage
• Transfer/Fee-Simple Applications (Ground Rent)
• Section 90 Restrictions for Properties Sold Under Previous Schemes
• Fair Deal Scheme

Ground Rent

To buy your Ground Rent please complete the 'Fee Simple' application form and submit it with a copy of the Folio to  tenantpurchase@dlrcoco.ie.

A folio can be obtained from the Property Registration Authority, https://www.landdirect.ie/

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