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Effective from the 16th April 2018, Road Opening Licence Applications will be applied for online via the Map Road Licensing system (MRL)
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Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, through its Roads Control Unit (RCU), is charged with licensing, administration and inspection of those who, for whatever reason, need to excavate, or otherwise impact on, the Public Road Network, which includes roads and footpaths and applies to:

Utilities (eg Irish Water, Eir, Gas Networks), who need to make regular openings in the road network for new connections and repairs to their own network.

Developers of larger housing schemes needing multiple service connections, road realignments and/or road and footpath upgrades as part of a planning condition.

Building Contractors carrying out a service connection on behalf of Householders.

Regulation of excavations in a footpath or roadway is essential as there is not only interference with the footpath or road surface, but it also creates risks for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and particularly for vulnerable road users.


The RCU formerly used Roadworks-on-line, and paper based systems to manage all Road Opening licenses, but the old on-line system is now unsupported, and the paper based system is deemed to be inefficient.

The RCU is in the process of rolling out the national online road opening system MapRoadLicensing (MRL) to all applicants who wish to apply for Road Opening Licenses (ROLs). MRL is a purpose built online platform for the application and tracking of all ROLs, and includes for specific timeframes for ROLs and completion of reinstatements. 

The change over to MRL will speed up the ROL process and, along with Guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads, is designed to improve the quality of the reinstatements, thereby reduce the impact of the openings on the road network, and ultimately provide an improved environment for pedestrians and motorists.  

MRL will be in operation in Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council for all commercial and private developments from 16th April 2018 in accordance with the Guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads April 2017 (Also Known as the purple book).

Applications through the Roadmap system and Paper based applications will no longer be accepted after this date.

The MRL system is managed and facilitated by the Road Management Office (RMO) and licences will be issued through the online system by Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council.


A standard application fee of €250 for a T2 licence and €150 for a T3 or T4 licence will apply from 16th April 2018.  From this date the existing application fee structure will no longer apply


In line with the Guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads ('The Purple Book') Local Authorities, including Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council,  are moving towards a  common  method  of  measuring road opening reinstatements and determining charges. The Guidelines set out the format of charges for Long Term Impact (LTI) and Reinstatement Charge (Deposit)  The implementation of the standardised charging framework is essential in ensuring transparent and efficient processing of licences and facilitating the streamlining of the approval and financial processes.  The new charging structure will apply from 16th April 2018, at which time the existing charging structure will cease to apply.


It should be noted that in accordance with section 5.4 of the Guidelines, all licence holders registering on the MRL system are undertaking to have personnel trained as follows during 2018:

·         Basic Level Trench Reinstatement Course (2 Day)

·         Advanced Level Trench Reinstatement (1 Day)

Courses are available through the LASNTG:


The RMO provides registration and support to users of the MRL system.

The following information and support is available on the RMO website (


Access to the Guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads,Issued by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport in April 2017


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A set of user guides for common MRL procedures:


For New Registrations :

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