What height can I build my extension without permission?
  • The highest point to which the wall of an exempt extension can be built is eaves level;
  • If the proposed extension has a flat roof, it must not exceed the eves or parapet level;
  • If the proposed extension has a pitched roof, it must not exceed the ridge of the existing pitched roof.

Funding & Opportunities

Is there a cleaner for the group areas (artists’ tea station and common area) or are all the artists responsible for keeping that clean?

Artists are responsible for keeping their shared space clean. No cleaning will be provided for artist workspaces, tea station or common area, only public areas.

Can I rent a room for a community group/class/workshop?

No, artist workspaces are awarded through an open call and cannot be rented.

Can I drive up to the building to delivery work?

Yes, deliveries of materials and work is permissible.

Can the public look into the studios?

The Studios are your private workspaces and are partitioned off from the public area. The public may be invited into your space through organized public events with the agreement and support of the artists working onsite. All windows have blinds.

How are the studios allocated between the artists?

The Arts Office will allocate each studio to successful applicants.

What hours can artists access the studios?

Artists will have 24-hour access to their workspace.

Where can artists dispose of waste?

There is onsite waste disposal and an onsite Facilities Management Company to co-ordinate this.

Is there an exhibition space?

No. Artists may use the large workspace 4 to exhibit work as part of the residency award but under these opportunities (BAS & PAC) there is no public exhibition space for studio artists on the lower ground floor. Opportunities to exhibit work in the coffee shop may become available but this will not be known until the coffee shop opens.

Is there a restriction on the type of materials used in the studios?

The studios are domestic in scale. It has single phase electricity and no mechanical ventilation. The building is shared with the public and coffee shop operator. Attention needs to be given to significant noise transfer and the safe use of materials and equipment; for the impact on staff, visitors and fellow artists working on site. The appropriateness of materials and working methods may need to be assessed by the Council but all accommodations will be made where possible. Material use should be detailed in your application.

Do you have to use the studio for the full duration? Can you go away for a few weeks?

You have solo use of the studio for the full duration of your agreed term. Artists can take a break from the studio, but you should be available and plan to make good use of this valuable studio resource during the agreed term. The agreed term cannot be extended to facilitate breaks.

Is there 3 phase electrics?

No, only single- phase.

Will the outside area be available for the Public Art Commission?

Limited, temporary use of the outside space may be possible, subject to the agreement of the Council and proper attention given to health and safety considerations in a busy public amenity at an exposed coastal site.

Do the artist pay for utilities?

No, utilities are paid for by the Council as part of our support for artists.

Can artists bring in storage containers for material storage?

Yes, we can also supply one storage unit for each studio if required. There is no additional storage on site.

Is there security on site? If so, what times will they be there?

There is no security staff on site however, there will be facility management and coffee shop staff onsite during regular daytime opening hours.

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